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新万博代理Distech Controls™加入敏锐品牌



Brossard,魁北克,2015年3月9日 -新万博代理Distech Controls Inc.在加拿大魁北克省魁北克省的楼宇自动化和能源管理解决方案中的创新领导者宣布已宣布,该协议是由Acuity Brands,Inc。(纽约证券交易所代码:AYI)的协议,智能照明的领先供应商解决方案。Distech Controls’ building automation and energy management solutions combined with Acuity Brands’ broad, industry-leading solid-state lighting portfolio, innovative control technologies and integrated digital solutions will create the opportunity to offer solutions that can provide true end-to-end optimization of all aspects of the building for enhanced occupant experience, quality visual environment, seamless operation, energy efficiency, operational cost reductions, and increased digital functionality.

新万博代理Distech控制将继续使用其190 team members worldwide, led by current executives, including Founder, President and CEO Etienne Veilleux. The company will maintain its head office in Quebec, Canada, as well as its European office in Lyon, France, and continue to execute its global growth strategy. It will become part of the Acuity Brands portfolio of businesses, continuing to operate as a separate entity, with management teams jointly developing future growth strategies.

The manner in which buildings are utilized and operated is evolving. The deployment of intelligent digital networks provides the opportunity to create an indoor environment that increases productivity, improves operational efficiency and enhances safety. The technologies resident in lighting, temperature, ventilation, access control and fire safety systems are converging into a single digital ecosystem. This convergence provides a singular opportunity to couple the building management portfolio of Distech Controls with the smart lighting and control systems of Acuity Brands to deliver fully integrated digital solutions that are unmatched in their ability to efficiently deliver both lighting and a quality indoor environment.

“自成立以来,Distech Control新万博代理s一直导致提供了能够提高能源效率的创新产品和解决方案的方式,”manbetx赔率怎么看Distech Controls总裁兼首席执行官ÉtienneVeilleux说。“20年来,Distech Controls的成功基于这里的新万博代理人们的技能和创新精神。在一起,我们将继续通过进一步发展我们当地的投资,在魁北克和国外创造更多的工作,同时保留我们的独特创新能力。加入敏锐品牌将为我们开放新的门,我们对我们员工,客户和合作伙伴提供的机会真的很兴奋。“

vernon J. Nagel,主席,总统和敏锐品品牌的首席执行官表示,“我们认为我们的动态企业和强大的领导团队的结合将提供与关键客户套装的增长机会,并将加强我们的每个主要销售渠道合作伙伴他们各自的市场。敏锐和Distech 新万博代理Controls合并提供了提供符合智能建筑承诺的全面解决方案的机会。“


Acuity Brands,Inc。是北美市场领导者,是世界领先的室内和室外应用的照明解决方案提供商之一。截至2014财年,净销售额为24亿美元,敏锐品牌雇用约7,000名员工,总部位于佐治亚州亚特兰大,北美和欧洲和亚洲的业务。The Company’s lighting solutions are sold under various brands, including Lithonia Lighting®, Holophane®, Peerless®, Gotham®, Mark Architectural Lighting™, Winona® Lighting, Healthcare Lighting®, Hydrel®, American Electric Lighting®, Carandini®, Antique Street Lamps™, Sunoptics®, RELOC® Wiring Solutions, Acculamp®, eldoLED® and Acuity Controls.

关于Dist新万博代理ech Controls.

Distech Controls中的一个创新领导者,Distech Controls提供了独特的建筑管理技新万博代理术和服务,可优化建筑物的能源效率和舒适性,均降低运营成本。我们通过我们对创新,质量,客户满意度和可持续性的热情来为更环保建筑提供创新解决方案。新万博代理Distech Controls通过其全球商业部门,服务办公室和授权合作伙伴的卓越网络提供多个市场段。www.ofirengel.com.


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